Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just like each one of these flowers is completely different and uniquely beautiful in their own way, so is each and every person. 

Apart from adding the text from this photo, nothing else has been modified or edited. In fact, these flowers are so completely beautiful that they don't need any altering or added touches. 

This is how God sees each and every person; beautiful the way that they were created; no airbrushing necessary

That is why I love Psalm 45:11 so much. This verse truly encompasses God's nature and the way that He views us, despite what we might think or choose to believe. 

It says that he is ENTHRALLED by our beauty. 

The dictionary says that to enthrall means 'to captivate or charm' and includes 'enchant' as a synonym. 

How incredible is it to realize that God is captivated by us?? 

It is such a wonderful reminder that we are simply beautiful in God's eyes, and that our creator is 'enthralled', captivated, charmed by our beauty. 

My hope is that you truly feel beautiful; not just today, but everyday, and that you can look to God's definition of beauty, rather than the world's definition of what 'beautiful' means.